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We are the world's leading provider of premium data centre, colocation and interconnection solutions, supporting more than 2,300 firms across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

The rise of new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and The Cloud, are changing the way people communicate, the way people work, the way people think, and creating tremendous opportunities for the companies that enable these activities. All this is driving an even greater need for data centres. Not just traditional data centres, but data centres evolving with the marketplace, and at the same time, ahead of the digital economy.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with the trusted foundation for the digital world. We do that by continuously delivering greater value to the digital economy.

We strive to continuously share valuable knowledge and insights with our customers and the industry at large. To serve as a true visionary corporate mentor and thought leader. We think big, as our global perspective and experience enables us to see things in ways others do not-and to identify opportunities where others see only challenges.

Our Culture

Our Culture

We are wholeheartedly committed to success—not just in the conventional sense of achieving revenue targets.

We utilise the same customer-empowerment approach to cultivate our workforce. While we are certainly committed to the success of our customers and the financial success of our company as a whole, we are equally committed to the success of our talented employees. We are here to inspire and invigorate them with our vision of what can be-and help them get there.

Our People

Our people consistently demonstrate passion for their jobs, take time to celebrate our collective organisation's triumphs as well as those of their colleagues. All that feeds into building a cohesive and motivated culture that helps all of us excel at what we do best.

Best of all they are willing to give back to the communities we serve, and we support them in that. We grant them company time to devote to volunteering and supporting charitable causes be we want them to build long and meaningful personal lives and successful careers with us.

It's also important for you to know that Digital Realty employees around the world share a core set of values that form our cohesive and collaborative culture, and guide us in everything we do, from the decisions we make, to how we interact with one another and our customers. Because above all else, we value our customers, excellence, talent, teamwork and success.

Our Success

Our Success

Today, our customer list is a virtual who's-who of domestic and international companies, ranging from financial services, cloud and information technology services, to manufacturing, energy, gaming, life sciences and consumer products. These firms are changing the world and we like to think we are helping facilitate "positive change" by providing state-of-the-art solutions that allow them to focus on their core businesses.

To remain at the forefront of the industry, we continue to change and thrive. More importantly, we are staying open to innovation and seizing new opportunities that can drive greater value for our customers.

Our Potential

Our Potential

Our marketplace is becoming exponentially mobile and data driven. Partnering with a data centre REIT such as Digital Realty, can be extremely beneficial to BUILDING YOUR CAREER in a growing and innovative industry.

Continued cloud adoption, IoT and social networking will continue driving data centre services going forward.

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Underlying Strength

Watch Digital Realty's CEO Bill Stein on Mad Money in this video to learn more about how Digital Realty is well positioned for future success.

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Join Our Team2

Join Our Team

We measure success in the traditional sense with a variety of important financial metrics, but we also feel that we are successful as an organisation if our employees are proud to say they are part of the Digital Realty team.

We are always on the lookout for talented people and we regularly review our existing roster to make sure we have the right people in the right jobs as our business evolves. As an employer, Digital Realty embraces diversity and remains committed to investing in its people.

For all vacancies in North America and APAC, click here.

For all vacancies in EMEA, click here to be directed to the Interxion: A Digital Realty Company careers site, and click here to learn more about Interxion.


Interxion: A Digital Realty Company

In March 2020 Digital Realty and Interxion combined in EMEA to create a new brand - Interxion: A Digital Realty Company. Interxion has been at the heart of the digital economy for more than 20 years and the strategic combination of our businesses accelerates our ability to better serve customers globally, with truly local expertise. Together we can now offer customers unique expansion opportunities across a large number of important and high-growth markets, across 280+ data centres, six continents, 20+ countries and 45+ metro's.

To learn more about Interxion, click here and for all vacancies in EMEA, click here to be directed to the Interxion: A Digital Realty Company careers site.

Headshot July 2018

Employee Spotlight

Helping Round-Out the Industry

Suzie Gleeson, Vice President of Cloud Sales Strategy at Digital Realty, in 2017 helped launch a grassroots group called Women's Tech Forum (WTF), which she co-founded with peers from Microsoft, Oracle and Facebook. Introduced at PTC 2017, a popular industry conference, the forum is focused on giving women in the cloud infrastructure space the ability to connect with others in similar positions.

The group recognizes the busy lives demanded from work and home life, and hopefully provides an opportunity for women to collaborate at conferences, and to mentor and seek input from contemporaries with whom they would not otherwise have the occasion to connect.

Employee Testimonials

“In my experience, Digital Realty has been a great place to work and to build my career. What I like most is the teamwork as well as the overall sense of being part of larger initiatives. And the productivity level is very high -- I’m amazed with how much work gets done in a relatively short period of time on a consistent basis. This is also a ‘fun’ company where work/life balance is encouraged.” – Tamara Budec, Vice President, Implementation Services

“My favorite part about working at Digital Realty is being part of a great team. Between my own Design & Construction team and the rest of our internal stakeholders, I work with very strong people. There is a wide range of talent here and being able to contribute to the company's overall success is very rewarding.” – Eanna McDarby, Project Manager

"I really like the visibility I have of the entire life cycle of a data centre project: from the initial design on a blank piece of paper all the way to construction. Digital Realty is one of the few companies in Europe that builds the building as well as the internal infrastructure, which has allowed me to learn more about the construction industry and to experiment with technologies. I also enjoy working with the talented people across the organisation." - Dr. Margarita Redondo, Director, Design & Construction

"I am always searching for opportunities to enhance the customer experience and our organisation's efficiency. I plan, direct and coordinate compliance and quality assurance programs, and I am involved in formulating quality control processes. In my daily work, I collaborate with colleagues, subcontractors, certification bodies and local authorities. My favorite part of the job is identifying opportunities for continuous improvement together with my talented colleagues.” – Hans Korenblik, Compliance Manager

“I absolutely love working for Digital Realty and wake up every morning thankful to be part of a company that is growing. There is a great sense of teamwork and collaboration across the organisation, and I appreciate all the support I get from management, as well as the various teams. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities. There really is no typical day for a person in my role; I might be designing a building for a customer on Monday and deploying an electrical fit-out on Tuesday.” – Anthony Salinas, Senior Global Solutions Engineer

Digital Realty is a great place to grow and develop, both professionally and personally. I find myself among a passionate group of colleagues who share their experiences and work together in the spirit of mutual benefit. Our data centre operations team is always evolving - never resting, always looking for the next opportunity to set us apart from the competition." - Ryan Young, Director, Data Centre Operations

“At Digital Realty, I am able to use my skills and experience to help the company expand in the region and gain a stronger foothold in an increasingly competitive space. I have been given the opportunity to build and lead a team that will be looking to break into new markets and industries for the company. As many have said, Asia is where the action is, and I am excited to be right in the thick of it with a company that has massive ambitions in the region.” – Christopher Young, Senior Vice President, Sales

“Digital Realty's employee benefits program is pro-family. For example, in addition to the two weeks paternity leave the Singapore Government offers, the company provides an extra two weeks. This is extremely important to me and my wife since we are expecting twins soon! Clearly, Digital Realty recognizes the increasingly important role that fathers play in the family support system. Furthermore, there is a strong sense of camaraderie across the board, from management to the teams on the ground.” – Irfan Iskandar Anuar, Facilities Engineer Lead

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