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5 Ways Interconnection Builds a Better Enterprise

Michael DeVito
August 26, 2015

When it comes to connectivity, not all data centers are created equal.

Colocating into a Telx data center facility offers you access to an incredible ecosystem of connections between equipment, services, and users. These kinds of connections are harder to come by for company-built data centers, and they aren’t guaranteed through other colocation providers, either.

Here are 5 ways interconnection helps build a better enterprise:

  1. By putting you in physical contact with the partners and services you need to make your operations work. Businesses operate based on connections; connections enable communication to happen. With physical connections to ISPs, carriers, other customers, and more, Telx's interconnection services help your business excel.
  2. By expanding your footprint locally, nationally, and even internationally. Need to expand your business? New markets are just a connection away. Whether you're using Telx's Metro Connect to form a reliable network with outside resources you need within the same metro space or leveraging international cable systems to expand into Asia, interconnection allows you to expand your footprint at a relatively low cost.
  3. By improving time-to-market rates and lowering ongoing expenses. With access to the incredible Telx ecosystem, Telx clients can quickly make the right connections to better serve customers. In the long run, this diverse ecosystem often speeds up time-to-market and lowers operating expenses.
  4. By facilitating flexibility. Most organizations these days require dedicated Internet to support their business needs. Telx DIA allows companies to expand and grow easily as customers sign up for their services. (Outside the enterprise, this service is great for startups looking to expand quickly and inexpensively.)
  5. By securing mission-critical data and applications. Don’t want to host all of your mission-critical data in the same facility? No problem. Whether you’re on Telx’s Clifton Campus or in Telx’s LOS1 facility on the West Coast, interconnection allows you to host data in multiple locations at once with seamless connectivity.

Though it may sound simple, in reality, interconnection encompasses a wide variety of services and types of connections. So: what are you waiting for? Get connected today!

For more information about Telx’s interconnection offerings, please see our Interconnection page. For all other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out via the contact page of our site, or by Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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