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Announcing the AWS Starter Kit, a Resource for Telx AWS Direct Connect

Damion Lackamp
February 5, 2016

Cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) are incredible assets for companies small and large. Whether a company is hosting an application, transferring large data sets, or simply utilizing the flexible storage that cloud services offer, maintaining at least some sort of infrastructure in the cloud provides a net benefit for many organizations.

For customers with more robust needs, however, there is a potential problem: secure bandwidth. Traditional connections to cloud services rely on the Internet, and bandwidth over IP connections can quickly grow expensive, sometimes to the point of being cost-prohibitive, while at the same time posing security concerns for many customers. For companies that routinely use large amounts of bandwidth or need to keep costs down while maintaining flexibility and improving data security, a traditional IP connection may not scale as their business grows and evolves.

Enter Telx AWS Direct Connect. Through AWS Direct Connect, Telx customers can connect directly to Amazon Web Services via a single cross connect from the Telx data center facility. No more relying on traditional IP connections. Customers who use AWS Direct Connect get a direct, low latency, highly resilient, secure connection to the Amazon Web Services cloud.

Since we began offering AWS Direct Connect a few years ago, we’ve received many questions from customers about how it’s used, how it’s structured, what is the deployment process is, and more. In response to those questions, we’re pleased to introduce the AWS Starter Kit, a new resource for Telx customers with questions about Telx AWS Direct Connect.

The Customer Starter Kit, is a 9-page resource detailing the process for connecting to AWS Direct Connect as well as frequently asked questions and other key information.

As you'll learn when you read through this new resource, private network connections like AWS Direct Connect can reduce costs, improve throughput, and provide a more consistent network experience than Internet based connections. The Customer Starter Kit also details, among other things, available Telx AWS Direct Connect port speeds—1Gbps to 10Gbps with Telx AWS Direct Connect High Capacity, and 50Mbps to 500Mbps with Telx AWS Direct Connect Hosted—and the process for ordering AWS Direct Connect as a Telx customer.

If you think your business may benefit from a direct connection to AWS but aren’t sure where to begin, our new Customer Starter Kit is a tremendous resource.

To download Telx's AWS Direct Connect Customer Starter Kit, click here. For all other questions, or just to say hello, reach out to us via our contact page, or send us a message on social media via Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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