Clouds Enforcing the Law: CJIS Case Study

August 5, 2015
Joseph Sacks

"You need to understand that we're hosting law enforcement mission-critical 911 operations out of Telx data centres. If it's good enough for when you're dialing 911, it's going to be good enough for really anything else that you're doing."

--Michael J. Coppola, President and C.S.O., CJIS Solutions

CJIS Solutions offers CJIS compliant hosted solutions for law enforcement agencies and vendors. When it was selecting a partner to help it offer its services, it needed a data centre services provider that could meet rigorous compliance requirements in a cost-effective parcel. CJIS Solutions found that data centre services provider in Telx. CJIS Solutions relies on Telx's state-of-the-art, secure data centre facilities to enable its cloud hosting solutions, and, as Michael J. Coppola, President and C.S.O. of the company notes, lives are literally at stake with the operations based out of Telx facilities.

In a new video case study, Coppola joins Michael Schirling, Chief of Police for the Burlington, Vermont Police Department, and Robert Turner, President of Commsys Incorporated, to discuss how CJIS Solutions and Telx work together to provide a service that enables law enforcement agencies and vendors to do their jobs day in and day out.

How do they do it? Watch the video embedded above to find out.

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