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Connecting Counsyl: the Genetic Data Innovator

May 27, 2015

Whether you are a startup or an established organization, doing business today requires excellent connectivity to enable fast and reliable storage, exchange, and analysis of data.

Counsyl, a pioneer in affordable, accurate genetic testing, realized that it needed a more robust foundation for its data center connectivity in order to support the company’s rapid growth. The South San Francisco startup has processed genetic tests for more than 350,000 individuals since 2009, and in 2014 it began looking for a connectivity solution that could address its future needs, including:

  • A data center with a direct connection to Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Sufficient bandwidth for handling compute-intensive genetic data sequencing processes
  • More redundancy and cooling, and better connectivity, than Counsyl’s existing on-premises infrastructure could reliably deliver

To address these requirements, Counsyl turned to Digital Realty.

Dependable data center connectivity is at the core of Counsyl’s hybrid cloud strategy. Fast, secure, high-bandwidth networking enables Counsyl to tap into the scalable storage and compute of AWS. This allows Counsyl to grow its business quickly and efficiently, and to continue to process and analyze test results in an agile environment.

Counsyl selected the Digital CloudConnectTM solution, which offers a direct connection to AWS EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud) via Digital Realty’s metro fiber network environment in the San Francisco Bay Area. Digital Realty has also deployed a similar network for connectivity to AWS and other cloud suppliers on the East Coast.

As of this writing, Counsyl is continuing to strategize the exact workload allocation between its colocation and cloud deployments. Access to the agility of a hybrid cloud architecture via Digital CloudConnect has given Counsyl a more robust set of computing options.

To find out more about how Digital Realty’s connectivity offerings helped Counsyl set itself up for future growth, be sure to download the full case study.

Matt Plessing, Director of Product & Quality Management Connectivity Services (@PlessingM)

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