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Data Center News: CTO Jim Smith joins Green Grid board of directors

October 21, 2014

Recently, several Digital Realty team members attended The Green Grid Forum and gained a fresh perspective on practical, measurable, research-backed strategies that can improve the efficiency of our clients’ valuable resources.

The Green Grid Association, the organization behind this event, is a non-profit, open industry consortium of end users, policy makers, technology providers, facility architects, and utility companies that works to improve the resource efficiency of information technology and data centers throughout the world. With more than 200 member entities around the world, The Green Grid seeks to unite global industry efforts, create a common set of metrics, and develop technical resources and educational tools to further its goals.

As a contributing member of The Green Grid since it was established in 2007, Digital Realty has been a steady participant throughout. This year, as a result of our commitment to sustainability practices in the data center industry and our membership in The Green Grid, Jim Smith, our chief technology officer, has recently been appointed to serve on The Green Grid’s Board of Directors.

The Green Grid mission is “to become the global authority on resource efficiency in information technology and data centers.” The group is leading the charge to shape the dialog around data center sustainability practices, as well as to encourage facility operators to take steps to improve power, cooling, and space utilization.

As an example of The Green Grid’s impact on the industry, the organization helped the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) frame the Better Buildings Challenge for data centers. The Better Buildings Challenge supports commercial and industrial building owners by providing technical assistance and proven solutions for energy efficiency.

The DOE announced at the end of September 2014 that the Better Buildings Challenge, a program originally launched in 2011, has been expanded to include data centers. Digital Realty is one of 19 organizations that have signed on for this program.

As a leading global provider of data center solutions with a portfolio totaling more than 130 facilities in 31 markets across four continents, we at Digital Realty recognize that operating and expanding our property portfolio consumes energy, water, and raw materials, and we acknowledge our responsibility to deliver data center services and solutions to our clients that improve the environmental performance of our portfolio.

Through our own practices and through Jim’s participation on The Green Grid board, Digital Realty seeks to lead the global data center industry in sustainable environmental performance. This means that we are committed to ongoing efforts that both enhance the growth of our clients’ businesses and minimize the impact to the environment. Our objectives are to continue to:

  • Provide data center solutions that deliver industry-leading energy productivity and resource efficiency, increase client value, and a lower cost of ownership
  • Empower clients and employees to improve resource efficiency in areas such as energy, water, waste, and carbon
  • Communicate our performance regularly and transparently with stakeholders

Many companies today across a range of industries place a high value on being environmentally responsible, and are looking for service providers that align themselves with this point of view. We share this perspective, and are happy to assist our clients in reducing the impact on the environment when it comes to their core data center strategy.

Rebecca Bergman, Director of Corporate Communications (@Rebecca_DLR)

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