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Digital Realty Named Official Launch Partner for Google Cloud Interconnect Partner Service

April 24, 2018  |  Written by Rick Moore, Global Director of Cloud Services

I’m excited to announce that Digital Realty is partnering with Google to support today’s beta launch of the new Google Cloud’s Partner Interconnect (GCI Partner) service. Customers on Digital Realty’s Service Exchange, powered by Megaport, can now establish high-performance, private connections to their Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services from Digital Realty markets around the world.

The offering brings several new benefits to our customers, including:

  • Simplified hybrid cloud management - Direct access to internal network addresses without the need for complex VPN devices and hardware.
  • Flexible configurations for improved service level control - Customers can tailor their interconnection architecture to achieve specific service level guarantees based on application and workload needs. (Note: Although standard Service Exchange terms apply to the new offering, Google will not offer customer SLAs until the service is launched from Beta to General Availability later this year).
  • More granular bandwidth options - Previously, customers who wanted to connect to Google Cloud privately (via Layer 2) were required to meet a 10Gbps threshold. The new GCI Partner service allows customers to connect at subrate speeds over Service Exchange.

While GCI Partner is a great way for businesses to connect to their private GCP resources, customers who meet specific requirements can also peer directly with Google to gain access to public services like G Suite, Google Search and YouTube. More details to come on customer options for accessing these popular services. 

In the future, we’ll explore several key use cases for GCI Partner, along with a few implementation tips and best practices. In the meantime, you can learn more here and read Google’s statement.