Jeff Tapley, SVP, Global Asset Management
May 31, 2017

Boston has always been known as the capitol of higher education for the U.S. With over 50 colleges and universities in the Boston area, it has traditionally been a hotbed for technology, research, business, and medicine.

Today, those industries are reaching new heights, requiring future-proof IT strategies and facilities supporting high-performance computing. The data centre industry is playing a critical role in meeting extensive IT requirements and simultaneously driving some of the region's growth.

Recently, Digital Realty sponsored an in-depth market report on the Boston data centre market. Prepared by Data Centre Frontier, in conjunction with datacenterHawk, this report provides an in-depth look at the current supply of data centre market in Boston, as well as the area's rising demand.

Beyond the area's many education institutions, Boston's thriving startups, tech companies, hospitals and research institutes all drive the need for data centre space. Its biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry is the largest in the country. With GE having recently moved its headquarters to Boston's Seaport District, the Industrial Internet of Things presents huge growth potential as well.

Can the Boston data centre market help drive your growth strategy? Read an article from Data Centre Frontier, or download the Special Report in its entirety, here.

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