Sherri Liebo, SVP, Marketing
December 14, 2017

Over the last several months, since announcing our merger with Dupont Fabros Technologies, we’ve been working to create a seamless experience for you. As we integrate the most comprehensive set of data center solutions and expertise in the market, we are proud to offer you all the benefits of single-cabinet colocation and interconnection, to multi-megawatt, and hyperscale deployments.

As part of the next phase of our integration, we will sunset the DFT brand on December 13, 2017. This means we will move forward under the Digital Realty brand and will no longer exist as a separate web presence. Also, the current Dupont Fabros Technologies social media accounts will become inactive and we will plan to continue promoting our combined expertise, solutions, footprint and service portfolios through Digital Realty’s social channels.

The full integration of the Dupont Fabros Technologies brand further strengthens our commitment to deliver world-class service to you, our customers. We look forward to supporting your future growth and success throughout 2018 and beyond.

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