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eBook: The Midmarket and SMB Guide to Cloud Computing

Tom Lassandro
March 22, 2016

Despite what you may have been told, cloud computing isn't just for startups and enterprises. [Midmarket companies and SMBs also use the cloud.]

However, as midmarket companies and SMBs know, advice about cloud deployments that holds true for enterprises or startups doesn't necessarily apply to businesses in the middle.

In a new eBook sponsored by Digital Realty | Telx titled "The Midmarket and SMB Guide to Cloud Computing," FierceCIO tackles cloud computing for midmarket companies and SMBs and explores a number of topics including:

  • The different cloud options and why you should consider them
  • How shifting to cloud can save you money—and what hidden costs to keep in mind
  • Why the cloud, in theory, is much more secure than private environments—and how to make sure that the provider you choose is
  • Why a hybrid deployment makes sense for many midmarket companies and SMBs

Frequently, many of these issues are discussed in the context of enterprises or agile startups, but less often in regards to midmarket companies and SMBs. Businesses of this size have unique challenges to contend with, not the least are smaller IT teams and budgets. Nonetheless, they still stand to benefit significantly from cloud computing, given the right approach.

What does it take to realize the full benefits of cost savings, enhanced IT security, and access to the latest technologies associated with cloud computing? Find out in our new eBook! To download this eBook, please visit our resource page here (registration required).

You can learn even more about how midmarket companies and SMBs can realize the value of cloud services and applications in this accompanying webinar, The Midmarket and SMB Guide to Cloud Computing. John Freimuth, General Manager of Cloud & IT Services at Telx, joins several other speakers to provide guidance in cloud computing and how to eliminate common errors and blind spots.

Have questions about the eBook or webinar? Please reach out to us via the contact page of our site, or by Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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