How Scalable Is Telx?

March 5, 2014
John Huntington

As Chris Downie discussed in his recent blog post about why you should consider outsourcing your data centre, one of the greatest benefits of data centre outsourcing is its scalability and flexibility.

To elaborate a bit more on that, we should first consider the cost of building your own data centre. The total cost of ownership (power, cooling, support and more) of a single rack in a data centre has been estimated to be about $120K over the data centre lifetime. Add that cost (per rack) to the cost of building a building for your data centre-almost $7 million for an average building-and the cost of building your own data centre can easily enter the seven-figure range. All of this is to say that building your own data centre is a serious investment of time and resources.

But up-front cost isn't the only thing you need to be worried about. If you fill up that data centre and need to grow, then short of boosting your power density, which you can only do so much, the only other option is to build yet another data centre-another massive investment. And if you need to downsize, you may be out of luck-you've already made the investment into your data centre and you can't just back out of that investment. When it comes to managing your own data centre, costs are high and flexibility is fairly low.

Compare that to an outsourced data centre, though, and the benefits of the latter are immediately clear. When you need more space through an outsourced carrier, all you need to do is modify your lease through your data centre service provider in order to size up. The same is true if business retracts and you end up needing to downsize the data centre services you're utilizing.

Here at Telx, our data centre colocation services are highly scalable and flexible. Whether you need a rack, a cabinet, or even an entire floor customized to your needs, Telx offers flexibility-the likes of which you won't get with many other providers, or if you build your own data centre. If you need more space, that’s not a problem—we make it easy to upsize. And if you need to downsize, we can help you choose a solution that better meets your needs.

Scalability also comes into play with our carrier neutrality. You're not tied to one service provider, so you can choose the service provider on top of the level of service you need when you work with Telx. That kind of scalability and flexibility are hard to replicate when managing and owning your own data centre, and Telx is here to help give your business the services it needs.

When speaking in terms of data centres, scalability is essential. A scalable (outsourced) data centre allows you to grow or retract as needed without much additional investment. If you'd like to learn more about the scalability of Telx data centres and how that can benefit your business, please reach out to us via the contact page of our site, or by Facebook or Twitter.

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