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IBM Expands Direct Link Access to Digital Realty Facilities in Sydney

Jennifer Thompson, Partner Marketing Manager
August 12, 2019

Today, Digital Realty announces expanded access to IBM Cloud with new IBM Cloud Direct Link availability in Sydney, Australia. This access will accelerate hybrid cloud adoption for Sydney enterprises and allow them to take the next step in their cloud journeys.

“We’re open for business in Sydney with IBM,” said Patrick Murphy, Digital Realty Global Solutions Sales Director. “We’re continuing to grow with one of the top cloud service providers in a new market, and we’re going to continue to open up new and meaningful markets.”

IBM Direct Link products enable private, secure connections from private architectures housed within a Digital Realty data center to the IBM Cloud. The IBM Direct Link Dedicated Hosting solution, offered jointly by IBM Cloud and Digital Realty, establishes diverse, high-speed private connections to customer-owned network equipment, storage and compute infrastructure. These features address core requirements businesses need to ensure they are compliant and secure as they put their hybrid cloud strategies into motion.

Digital Realty has been a long-term strategic partner of IBM’s and has long touted itself as the “Home of the IBM Cloud”. IBM and Digital Realty have a shared vision to offer customers access to enterprise-grade compute, storage, and network infrastructure, enabling hybrid connectivity. As an added benefit when moving up the stack, customers can more easily adopt and leverage disruptive cloud platform services with Digital Realty’s future-proof infrastructure and always-on architecture.

"Digital Realty is an important partner in the IBM Cloud ecosystem and we're glad to see our partnership expanding across APAC," said Paul Hertzfelt, Offering Manager of IBM Cloud Direct Link. "With this new on-ramp Digital Realty can offer their customers reliable and secure access to the IBM Cloud via IBM Cloud Direct Link, giving them access to IBM’s suite of high value services like blockchain, AI, analytics and IoT. Hybrid cloud strategies require customers to have additional networking options to choose from so they can increase their agility and continue their digital transformations.”

This announcement comes less than a year after Digital Realty opened a new 17.4 MW data center in Sydney, their 5th in Australia with a 6th on the way, and reaffirms the company’s commitment to giving their APAC clients the tools they need to achieve their digital transformation goals. Digital Realty data center campuses span the globe and are putting clients right next to IBM Cloud platforms, enabling the fastest, most simple and secure connection to the IBM Cloud Suite.

To learn more about this expansion and the availability of IBM Direct Link with Digital Realty, visit our IBM Direct Link partnership page.

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