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Introducing the Telx Cloud Xchange

Don Schuett
October 21, 2014

The era of cloud computing is upon us. Actually, it’s been upon us for some time. As we mentioned in a recent blog post, today, nearly nine out of ten IT professionals believe that the cloud is the future of IT, and more than 80% of those same professionals have already deployed at least one cloud service. Needless to say, the cloud is a growing part of every IT professional’s arsenal.

Here at Telx, we recognize the need for the cloud and continue to offer new cloud products and services for our customers through our ecosystem of partners. Although our deep offering of services through our cloud ecosystem has been around for a while, we recently announced the launch of our next generation of the Telx Cloud Xchange ecosystem. The ecosystem now makes it easier than ever for businesses to identify services that Telx offers, and implement them wherever they may need.

Our Telx Cloud Xchange ecosystem makes it easy for businesses to choose from a variety of cloud options to address their growing IT needs. Whether you are an enterprise, small business, service provider, or a company simply looking to reduce costs or increase IT efficiency, being in a Telx data center will give you the ability to select the right cloud solution for your business.

Our partners for hybrid cloud, private cloud, public cloud, and managed services include InterCloud Systems, Amazon Web Services, EasyStreet, and Peak. Each partner also has their own individual page so that you can view their offerings and request service directly from our website.

  • Peak has unique patented technology that allows organizations to leverage their existing network configuration to seamlessly run applications across Peak’s cloud, on-premise or collocated environments providing the highest levels of system performance and operational efficiencies.
  • InterCloud provides a broad set of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS offerings for organizations of all sizes with diverse application needs.
  • EasyStreet focuses on deploying private clouds and managed services for enterprises seeking the flexibility to meet unique architectural requirements while providing operational support expertise that best fit individual customers.
  • Amazon Web Service’s public cloud provides many benefits to businesses of all kinds. To learn more about the benefits of AWS read this blog - "Why Directly Connecting to a Cloud Provider like Amazon Web Services Makes a Difference."

Whether you need private, public, or hybrid cloud solutions, with our partners, we bring them all to you. For more information about how our Cloud Xchange ecosystem can help your business visit our Cloud Services page, read the press release or simply contact us.

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