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Managed Services to Lean More on the Cloud: 2017 Prediction #4

Okey Keke, Sr. Solutions Architect
January 24, 2017

Recently, we’ve been going a bit more in depth on each of our IT predictions for 2017. So far we’ve discussed cloud security, sustainability, and the Internet of Everything. Today, we’ll move on to our fourth prediction and discuss the rise of managed services and those providers’ reliance on cloud.

In 2017, we expect an increasing number of businesses to see managed services as a clear solution to many of their IT problems. In many cases, managed services will help companies increase efficiency and cut costs. While many of those businesses will love the advantages they gain from employing managed services, the managed services providers themselves will equally depend on cloud to function.

Managed services will continue to make an impact on IT departments across all kinds of industries. Especially for small to mid-size businesses who do not have endless resources, managed services free up IT staff to focus on core issues, offer far greater scalability and interoperability, and take much of the compliance and security burden off of the company itself. For all but the most specialized, tech-centric companies, we expect managed services to be an essential element of the IT structure.

Amazon’s recent announcement that AWS would enter the managed services business was a strong indicator of which way the wind is blowing. Amazon is notable for its attempts to fully own as many parts of its business and technology stack as possible. The emergence of managed services as an industry-leading solution and Amazon’s business announcement should serve as no surprise; the writing is on the wall. Managed services are an essential part of almost all technology stacks going forward.

In order to take full advantage of their own capabilities and attract the most clients, managed services providers will need to seek out local, direct connections to cloud providers that provide low latency connections to multiple cloud providers and interconnection services. This will provide them with the flexibility and scalability needed to truly unburden an overworked and overmatched IT staff.

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