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On-Demand Webinar: AI and the Second Wave of the Cloud

Nadia Tuffaha, Sr. Content Marketing Manager
June 29, 2018

At the end of May, our CTO, Chris Sharp, was joined by Forrester’s Principal Analyst, Andre Kindness, to discuss the impact Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have on the data center industry and other emerging trends that will also be contributing to the second wave of cloud.

Cloud computing has been growing at a rapid pace over the past several years and has already made huge waves in the industry. But now, we're standing at the precipice of the next big wave in cloud computing which will hugely be driven by AI and the massive incoming data flood that comes along with it.

There’s no doubt that AI will impact almost every industry, pushing businesses to become more efficient and more competitive. But at the end of the day, implementing AI involves way more than just adding a few servers. It will greatly affect your IT infrastructure, thus creating a need for data scale across space, power, connectivity, compute and storage.

To learn more about AI’s impact and how you can better prepare your business and IT infrastructure in the face of the second wave of the cloud, watch the webinar..

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