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Jessica Smith
September 25, 2015

Next Month Telx is excited to partner with the New York Technology Council ( as we host a new track of events around all things tech infrastructure and cloud.

In anticipation of the event we sat down with the NYTECH CEO Erik Grimmelmann to talk all things tech and find out some career highlights as well what he is looking forward to most with this new track.

Who is NYTECH?

NYTECH is a non-profit industry association that helps build and promote the New York tech ecosystem.

What’s the biggest shift you have seen in NYTECH in the last 5 years?

The biggest change in the New York tech scene of the past 5 years has been its dramatic growth. It keeps getting bigger, better, and more exciting.

Who attends NYTECH events?

We have a very diverse audience. From people fresh out to school to seasoned professionals. They come from all corners of the tech industry and from all sizes of companies.

What’s the most recent insight you’ve learned from a NYTECH Event?

How tech is totally a team endeavor.

What are you hoping the new infrastructure track will unveil to the NYTECH community?

How much the infrastructure that’s now available has changed over the past decade. What used to be hard is much easier as the management tools have gotten so much better. The bar keeps going up.

What’s the first thing you think about when you hear “data center”?

How really cool they are in both senses of the word.

What blogs and resources do you follow to stay fresh with tech industry changes?

I read 9 newspapers online every day and lots of blogs although typically not the same ones day after day.

You have a long history with startups, are there any on your radar in the NY area for us to follow?

There’s lots of interesting stuff going on in New York in data science now; NY has become a real center of excellence.

What’s the future of NYTECH?

I see both the New York tech scene and the New York Tech Council continuing to grow and thrive.

What’s the coolest breakthrough you have come across since being in the job?

If by “in the job” you mean during my career so far, it’s been the Internet. I was the AT&T Internet strategist starting in 1991 back when it was still run by the National Science Foundation and commercial use of the Internet was forbidden. We’ve come a very long way in less than 25 years.

Join us October 21st to go behind the Scenes of the Internet & the cloud at the New York Law School as we learn more on the relationship between data centers, cloud operators, ISPs, and your content.

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