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The Telx MarketplacePORTAL 101

Josh Neuroth
September 26, 2014

When you join the Telx ecosystem, you have instant access to resources and tools to grow your business. We think of our Telx data centers as marketplaces: a common platform for our customer base to do business with each other. This usually happens in two ways: 1) relationship building with other industry leaders at events like MarketplaceLIVE and 2) interconnecting and business development through the “always on” MarketplacePORTAL. Currently, the MarketplacePORTAL has over 80,000 page views with over 7000 unique users logging in each month. And the ecosystem is growing rapidly

The MarketplacePORTAL allows you to see who is in a Telx data center by address and what products and services they offer on location (or off). As a bonus to Telx customers, you have access to contact information key decision makers for all our ecosystem of customers.

The MarketplacePORTAL, then, is the main way for businesses to access our Marketplace. It’s an award-winning site that combines tools for driving new business and monitoring operations in a single portal. Some features are only available to Telx customers, but even non-Telx customers can take a look around the site and get a feel for what it offers. Through MarketplacePORTAL, customers can:

  • Use tailored company profiles that can be searched by other customers, including the ability to send and receive product quotes
  • Leverage online vertical communities to target specific audiences, and to network and gain insights into market trends
  • Create meetings and send messages for our biannual, bicoastal MarketplaceLIVE events
  • View and manage purchased Telx goods, from Cross Connect orders to invoices and trouble tickets

Needless to say, MarketplacePORTAL is an immensely powerful tool. One of our favorite features for companies looking to grow their business and find new solutions is the search—which shows you not only our offerings related to the term you search, but also Telx customers who offer products or services related to the search you perform.

A search for ‘cloud,’ for example, turns up results for some of Telx’s offerings—like AWS Direct Connect and the Telx Ethernet Connect—but also gives results for other clients of Telx’s—like Peak, AppEx Networks and Appcore, both of whom offer unique cloud solutions. Any results also show you where related services are available, and allow you to directly request a quote should you be interested in the services mentioned in the search. No need to scour the web or worry about who you’ll be working with—there is a vast ecosystem of Telx partners, products, and services all right at your disposal through MarketplacePORTAL.

Here at Telx, we understand that customers want a high level of service, and that’s exactly why we’ve created tools like MarketplacePORTAL, and indeed spent so much time developing our Marketplace. We want to be a valued resource not only for the services we offer, but to our clients’ entire business. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the MarketplacePORTAL today and see what exactly is in store for you at Telx.

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