Farhan Khan
August 12, 2014

Few industries these days are seeing as much rapid change as the financial services sector. Thanks to a rise in mobile payments, new banking technology, and increasing security needs that come along with the 21st century consumer (amongst a multitude of other factors), financial services is evolving and changing nearly every single day.

And whilst other industries are just as susceptible to massive booms and constant iterations, few industries are as dynamic as financial services-something that's reflected in the sector's changing data centre needs.

Of course, security and resiliency are as essential in financial services as ever (if not more than ever). There are two factors that are often over looked by some financial service companies when choosing the right datacenter. Those factors are agility and flexibility.

  • Agility: When change happens in financial services, it happens quickly. And that means an increased need for data centre agility: how quickly can your data centre add new connections, or grow (or shrink) your capacity? Data centres for financial services need to suit a large variety of business sizes, and need to be able to adapt quickly to meet the rapidly changing needs of the industry.
  • Flexibility: Data centres for financial services don't just need to be agile-they need to be extremely flexible. There needs to be room to grow quickly should data needs scale up, but there also needs to be the ability to shrink and lower capacity should things drop off at the drop of a bonnet. Fixed capacity is not an option with financial services: any data centre used by the industry needs to be adaptive to changing many times throughout its lifespan.

This isn't necessarily about building new data centres-it's about making sure that current ones are as agile and flexible as possible. The data centre needs in financial services change every day, and it's absolutely essential for anyone in that space to make sure they have a data centre capable of rapidly adapting to those changes.

Here at Telx, we specialize in helping businesses with their data centre needs throughout all stages of business, something that suits the financial services sector well. Whether you need to scale up, scale down, make quick connections, expand into new markets, or craft a hybrid solution, we're here to help. Many companies in the financial services sector already trust us for their data centre needs, and our agility and flexibility are a large part of the reason that's the case.

For more information about how Telx can help businesses in the financial services industry, you can connect with us through the contact page of our site, or by Facebook or Twitter.

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