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Unlocking the Intrinsic Value of a Live Event

Jessica Smith
August 21, 2014

The Digital ‘Divide’

In today’s digital age, professionals are inundated on a daily basis with new communications technologies and different ways of digital interaction. Many of our face-to-face meetings have been replaced by video or phone conferences, email and text messages, or FAQ sections and marketing collateral on corporate websites. Technology is certainly an efficient, convenient alternative to certain aspects of sales, marketing and communications. However, it should also make us realize the intrinsic value of personal interaction, and how it affects interpersonal communication as well as our professional relationships. Bringing people together physically encourages them to get back to the root of networking. Statistically, physical interaction and face-to-face communication have been proven to foster better, longer and more resilient professional relationships than email and phone alone.

In one of her recent presentations, Eventbrite creator Julia Hart shared some key insights about the innate value and proliferation of live experiences. According to Hart, what fuels a great live experience is that exciting feeling we all have when we are together, compounded by the ability for people to share ideas and ‘be in the moment’. Hart also explored the recent proliferation of live events within the global community as a whole. Demand for live events is growing, with 45% of people planning to spend more on attending live events in 2015, and three in four individuals spending more to be at a live experience (both corporate and personal).

The Telx Ecosystem

At Telx, we share Ms. Hart’s ideology. Telx brings over 1,200 businesses together through our expansive, interconnected Telx ecosystem. A complete synergy is accomplished when our innovative online community on the MarketplacePORTAL meets in-person during our dynamic bi-annual events, MarketplaceLIVE East and MarketplaceLIVE West. Our goal is to integrate technology and personal interaction.

MarketplaceLIVE converges hundreds of Telx clients, key decision-makers and thought-leaders from a range of cloud computing, financial services and telecommunications companies as well as media outlets. Attendees gather for a full day of education and face-to-face networking; they also gain a firsthand look at new and emerging solutions, products and services while learning about industry trends that directly impact their businesses. The value in MarketplaceLIVE lies in its inherent ability to physically bring people together from all corners of the globe in order to meet and converse, strategize solutions to industry challenges, collaborate on new innovations, and foster even more loyal, long-term professional relationships.

The ultimate goal is to unite, network, and leave with new connections, prospects and a better understanding and knowledge of the industry. Attendees can leverage the MarketplacePORTAL not only to buy and sell products and services, but also post messages about their companies and search, contact, and network with key industry leaders and other organizations to arrange meetings during MarketplaceLIVE events.

MarketplaceLIVE by the Numbers

MarketplaceLIVE’s reception in the marketplace also mirrors Ms. Hart’s insights about the growing popularity of live events; it has been truly remarkable. We have seen a dramatic increase in the number of attendees over the years, growing from 500+ to 900+.

Our June 5 MarketplaceLIVE East event brought together 850+ participants to network with a global ecosystem of decision-makers and industry experts, making over 4,000 connections from over 18 countries. Combined, our featured presenters and panelists brought over 475 years of industry experience across four panels and two keynotes. And who could forget the excitement of the rooftop after-party? The DJ spun 260 songs while people networked, consumed 1,710 drinks and saw three attendees “drop it like it’s hot” on the dance floor. If you missed the event, there is still an opportunity to catch the videos and hear from the many thought-provoking presenters, including Yahoo Tech Columnist & Nova ScienceNow Host David Pogue and Co-Founder & CEO of ZestFinance and Google's Former Chief Information Officer Douglas Merrill.

We look forward to seeing you at the West Coast installment of MarketplaceLIVE on November 13, 2014 at the Nob Hill Masonic Center in San Francisco, CA. MarketplaceLIVE West will feature engaging keynotes and panel sessions, with topics centered around: the Big Data and the research and education community; the convergence of industry legends and startups; content and media; net neutrality; the mobility platform; and automation in the data center.

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