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Welcome to MarketplaceLIVE West 2014

Chris Downie
November 10, 2014

As our team prepares for our second MarketplaceLIVE in San Francisco I am excited about the talent and history we have speaking on our main stage and the array of attendees that will be present on November 13th. We created this event because we understand the value of face to face engagement and that in person experiences were crucial to not only doing business but to facilitating innovation in a growing industry.

Humans by nature are curious. Curiosity allows us to learn in order to better ourselves and our surroundings. The attendees at MarketplaceLIVE are innovators, thought leaders, and highly driven professionals. We all share the same impulse to engage with others, to learn from one another, and expand our brain power. Growing knowledge is a key element to our conference as is creating an environment to bring together like-minded professionals to do business with one another. As our most diverse MarketplaceLIVE yet- our exhibitors and attendees range the spectrum of technology, cloud, colocation, finance, startup, hardware, software, healthcare decision makers in our industry.

Our keynotes are nothing short of Silicon Valley Royalty. Using his PhD. in Neuroscience; our first keynote Dr. Haseltine helps organizations find big opportunities that are staring them right in the face, but they don’t see because of the human brain’s natural tendency to filter out information that it doesn’t expect or want. Dr. Haseltine, Former CTO for the U.S. intelligence community and Former Executive Vice President, Walt Disney Imagineering, will be speaking on the topic of Innovation: Accidents by Design.

Our second keynote hails from the MIT Media Lab. Dr. Michael Hawley’s impressive history includes pioneering work in digital cinema at Lucasfilms, working closely with Steve Jobs at the inception of NeXT and honored as an inductee into the Guinness Book of World Records for the World’s Largest Published Book- Bhutan: A Visual Odyssey Across the Last Himalayan Kingdom.

The keynotes are only one of the many elements of MarketplaceLIVE that bring together a day-long experience filled with enough substance to drive business, relationships and knowledge. The day also includes the opportunity of 800+ networking connections, analyst led panel sessions, an exhibitor floor, a Hybrid Cloud Continuum, great food and drinks, and a lively atmosphere during the day that is followed by an after party.

I am proud to be a part of MarketplaceLIVE; an event that facilitates networking, motivates thought leaders and innovators, and drives individuals that have similar mind sets to be successful

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