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Where the Internet Meets in the Largest Data Center in the World

Kevin Hohman
November 9, 2015

Bolstering connectivity through convergence

Businesses, government agencies and consumers have become increasingly demanding when it comes to connectivity, bandwidth and data storage, which has put the information and communications technology sector to the test. Traditional infrastructure, platforms, telecommunications frameworks and general IT strategies are simply no longer capable of handling the demand of the modern era.

As such, more telecommunications and Internet service providers are starting to take unique approaches to improving their reliability, power and reach without breaking the bank, as costs must be kept low to compete in the age of price wars. A growing trend is the use of facilities that essentially act as hotspots for connectivity, boosting the power of the whole beyond the sum of its parts.

The Telx example
Large data centers tend to be among the most important and crucial environments into which networks connect, and carriers are increasingly leveraging these facilities to improve performance in a more scalable and affordable fashion. One example of this is the world’s largest data center at 350 E. Cermak in Chicago, Illinois, where dozens of network providers are located.

Now, it is worth noting that the simple volume of network carriers present in this facility is not what makes each of their services more powerful. Rather, if each of their networks did not actually connect to one another, then the subsequent services would be similar to those provided by carriers who are hundreds of miles away from one another.

The facility at 350 E. Cermak is essentially given its robust and arguably revolutionary power by the enhanced connections of networks provided by Telx in its Meet Me Room. In this particular area of the building, every other floor has a tie-in that connects them into one more centralized environment, effectively bolstering the power of each individual network in the process.

Allowing everyone located at this facility to be within 70 feet of one another allows them to connect with each other whenever necessary. Notably, given the importance of every single wire functioning properly, Telx’s commitment to running the Meet Me Room acts as the foundation for all connections made throughout the facility.

The future of connectivity
Telx calls this the “simplest, most complex product in the world of interconnection,” as it is intuitive for users but demands expert attention from managers. Regardless of what types of actions are taking place among consumers and businesses, virtually all processes will be made possible because of the Meet Me Room.

In an era shaped by the dramatic increases in demand for ICT services, it would be hard to imagine connectivity obliging those requirements without advanced and futuristic facilities such as this one. Going forward, more carriers and service providers are likely to embrace these types of environments to ensure that they reach optimal performance levels by way of connectivity and reliability.

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