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Reasons to leverage 
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Networks are highly dynamic and constantly evolving, marked by convergence, rapid innovation, new business models, ever-increasing competitive pressures and constantly evolving customer demands. The global telecom industry has been in a high-growth period for years now. Provider capacity and capabilities, especially in emerging markets and developing nations will seek to globalise their assets to extend their reach for their multinational customers.

Delivering the right content in rapid fashion is important for service providers. Having access to regional providers, subsea cable operators, and ISPs is critical in supporting these efforts. Digital Realty’s product suite of interconnection and colocation services helps providers accomplish these objectives as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Here are a few reasons why network industry players should consider leveraging Digital Realty’s assets:

Network provider-dense ecosystem to access new business opportunities and revenue streams

Customers benefit from access to additional content, cloud and peering exchanges. Digital Realty’s interconnection and colocation solutions enable network and carrier providers to extend their reach to new customers and move up the value chain by providing added services and solutions through partnership opportunities. Global providers looking for a Point of Presence in the United States can expand their reach leveraging Digital Realty’s portfolio of interconnectivity.

Significant Global Footprint in key markets

Digital Realty offers robust and flexible connectivity options in strategic locations and in premium facilities so that providers can service customers as closely as possible with the lowest latency achievable. In turn, customer of service providers enjoy high levels of reliability and performance from Digital Realty’s 22 highly connected facilities with access to many content providers.

Reliability and Uptime

Digital Realty offers a portfolio of secure, protected and compliant data centre infrastructure and interconnectivity solutions with 99.999% (five nines) uptime service level agreements that lead the industry in this category. This ensures providers have a reliable, high-performance environment through which they can meet any and all of their evolving customer demands.

Security and Data Protection

Digital Realty’s SOC 2, SOC 3, HIPAA and PCI-compliant data centres ensure telecom providers are capable of protecting client and internal information in a secure and protected environment. Considering how important privacy protection has become to customers across the nation and around the world, these facilities will represent a distinct advantage for any player in these industries.

Digital Realty Connects With Networks

Digital Realty’s vast ecosystem includes many telecom providers. Customers can be confident in knowing they are gaining services from a leading colocation and interconnection provider with a large assortment of edge network providers for boosting content delivery.

Digital Realty has already helped several players in the industry meet the challenges of competing in the network space. 

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