Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with the trusted foundation for the digital world. We do that by continuously delivering greater value to the digital economy. 

We strive to serve as a true visionary corporate mentor and thought leader. So, we like to think big, as our global perspective and experience enables us to see things in ways others do not—and to identify opportunities where others see only challenges. We utilise the same customer-empowerment approach to cultivate our workforce—to inspire and invigorate them.

Our Success

We are wholeheartedly committed to success. In support of our mission, we are working to build an insight-centric organisation. That is, we are always striving to learn more about our industry, our customers, the challenges they face every day, and how we can better serve them.

Our client list is a virtual who’s-who of domestic and international companies that are changing the world. We like to think we’re helping facilitate those innovations and “positive changes” by providing state-of-the-art solutions.

Our People

Our people consistently demonstrate passion for their jobs and take time to celebrate our collective organisation’s triumphs. All that feeds into building a cohesive and motivated culture that helps all of us excel at what we do best.

Best of all they are willing to give back to the communities we serve and we support them in that. So we grant them company time to devote to volunteering and charitable causes.

Employees around the world share a core set of values that form our cohesive and collabourative culture, and guide us in everything we do. Because above all else, we value our customers, excellence, talent, teamwork and success.

Our Potential

Our marketplace is becoming exponentially mobile and data driven. Partnering with a data center REIT such as Digital Realty, can be extremely beneficial to building your career in a growing and innovative industry.

Continued cloud adoption, IoT and social networking will continue driving data center services going forward. Watch Digital Realty's CEO Bill Stein on Mad Money in this video to learn more about how Digital Realty is well positioned for future success.

Your Career at Digital Realty

Could this be the place for you? Take the first step in building your universe.

Thank you for considering a career at Digital Realty.  We hope to meet you in the future and wish you the best on your search.