Referral Partners

Channel Partners

Our best-in-class Channel Programme enables you to expand your portfolio and deliver world-class business solutions.

Real Estate Brokers

We partner with top brokers to deliver custom data centre solutions meeting their client needs.

By joining the Digital Realty Partner Programme, you will have access to the following resources and programme advantages:

Competitive Commissions

Digital Realty is committed to providing industry-leading commission programmes for all agent and partner types. In addition, we offer quarterly incentives based on market needs to help strategically position our partners to deliver value where it’s needed most.

Onboarding and Ongoing Training and Support

Digital Realty is committed to effectively onboarding our partners on our products and services, effectively enabling them to offer better solutions to their customers. In addition, we offer ongoing educational courses through our Channel University that allows our partners to stay up to date on our global service offerings and competitive offerings.

Sales Support

Digital Realty utilises a harmony sales model where our partner agents can work directly with our field sales team to expand their business and provide global data centre solutions to their customers. In addition, each partner has a dedicated Channel Manager who will provide a full range of support to ensure that your business receives our best-in-class service both pre-sale and post-sale.

Marketing Collateral and Partnering Support

Digital Realty provides a full spectrum of channel-specific marketing collateral and promotional assistance, including:

  • Company FAQs
  • Branding guidelines
  • Product and services collateral and data centre spec sheets
  • Industry white papers
  • Dedicated channel team marketing support for co-marketing initiatives and events
  • Service presentation decks
  • Competitive analysis