Located in Southeastern Brazil, São Paulo is cosmopolitan melting pot that is known as the financial and economic centre of Brazil. While the city's economy was originally rooted in industry, in recent years, São Paulo has transformed itself into a hub for technology and business services. Drawing the attention of foreign and domestic companies alike.

With its historically strong economy, São Paulo has been attracting both domestic and international immigrants for decades, attracting 2.3 million immigrants from all parts of the world between 1870 and 2010, and making it Brazil's most multicultural city. Throughout its growth, the level of education within São Paulo has continued to improve, providing both domestic and international companies with a diverse and educated workforce.

The business ecosystem of São Paulo is also diverse. Which has led 63% of all international companies with business in Brazil to call the city their South American home. Making São Paulo an important global city and fertile ground for startups and tech companies looking to offer global solutions. In fact, in recent years the state government of São Paulo has prioritized the region's growth allocating funds to science, technology and innovation. In February 2019, officials announced a new programme that would invest $20 Million into mission-based startups in the region furthering the region's reputation as a haven for the entrepreneurial spirit and creative solutions.