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Our Data Centre Suites are move-in ready for immediate deployment when you are.


Get the security, flexibility, and control of your own data centre for less.

Seamless scalability

The ability to quickly and easily adapt to a changing business landscape can give you a decisive competitive edge.

Cost-effective and sustainable

In today's competitive business world, every penny counts. Solutions that optimise energy efficiency without sacrificing performance will add cost savings. 

Reliable connectivity

Your business isn’t generating value if it isn’t running. Downtime can have a significant impact on your bottom line. 

Enhanced security

Your data is everything. Protecting it should be a top priority. 

The only choice for Data Centre Suites

Flexibility and scalability

Our Data Centre Suites are move-in ready using our modular Turn-Key Flex® design. Get seamless scalability so your business can quickly deploy and adapt to changing needs. 

Secure and reliable

Keeping your business running and safe is our top priority. Our operations are redundant and ready for anything. 

Cost-effective performance

Our Data Centre Suites offer economies of scale, predictable pricing, and flexible terms to optimise cost savings for businesses. 

A universe of opportunities

Boost your business with seamless interconnectivity to our vast ecosystem of partners, customers, and service providers.


Site years of operational excellence. 


Renewable coverage achieved for our U.S. colocation and European portfolios. 


Number of consecutive years we’ve achieved five nines uptime across our global portfolio. 


We offer pre-commissioned suites with a distributed redundant design that can be easily subdivided. That means next-level scalability for immediate fit-out and operational commencement. 


Our data center suites have a reliable distributed redundant design. This means your business hums along without interruption, no matter what happens. 


Pre-commissioned move-in ready suites reduce the upfront costs and time required for deployment. You only pay for what you need and can expand easily when necessary. 


Not only are we built to LEED/BREEAM standards, but our Green Leases create structures that align the costs and benefits of efficiency investments between building owners and tenants. 


We deploy advanced security tools to keep your resources protected from threats, including access control, surveillance systems, and more. 


With our vast interconnected ecosystem of partners, customers, and service providers, you can connect to the cloud and choose from a wide range of services to meet your unique business needs. 


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