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Solve your hybrid work use cases

Beat hybrid work’s data challenges with Pervasive Datacenter Architecture (PDx®) and unleash the full potential of your hybrid work environment.


Elevate efficiency and security in hybrid data and hybrid work environments

Embrace the data-driven future and optimise your work processes with a proven approach that addresses your specific challenges.

Boost your network

Network optimisation means reduced latency and higher throughput. But first, you’ll need to solve complex legacy networking technology and unpredictable scaling challenges.

Streamline operations

Onboarding new businesses can create challenging complexities. Integrating and consolidating data systems effectively is essential for smooth transitions and mergers.

Fortify data security

Establish a zero-trust environment and streamline identity & access management (IAM) across your hybrid work infrastructure. The right data centre partner enables secure connections and robust performance across all user, cloud, and device interfaces.

Enhance network agility

Overcome challenges with your legacy systems and ensure compatibility across advanced network technologies. Embracing network agility enables swift adaptation to changing business demands.

Become data and work-ready with PDx®

PDx®, our patented and proven methodology, covers how to implement, place, and connect your infrastructure in the places you do business.

Unlocking platform growth requires digital infrastructure that supports these four strategic IT pillars:


Our network architecture reduces latency, unifies cloud to edge, and ensures efficient data flow across your digital landscape.


Our comprehensive security framework offers global protection and secure control points and fortifies your data’s integrity, no matter where your end users are.


Our solutions enhance your data exchange, unlock real-time insights, and secure data channels for unlocking new business vistas.


Leverage our Hybrid IT architecture for scalable compute capabilities, enabling efficient analytics and transaction processing.

Key solutions for optimal hybrid work on PlatformDIGITAL®

Explore our tailored suite of products designed to enhance security, connectivity, and performance, ensuring your hybrid work environments thrive efficiently.

1Private suites: Scalable and secure

Tailor-fit, scalable Data Centre Suites ensure top-tier security and reliability, offering a seamless path to expansion with minimised downtime and optimised costs.

2Data Centre Services: Always on

Our comprehensive Data Centre Services deliver 24/7 expert support, high-speed networking, and access to major cloud and network providers ensure unmatched flexibility and reliability.

3HD Colo: High-Performance ready

Designed for demanding high performance computing (HPC) applications, our High-Density Colocation solution offers robust power and cooling, swift deployment, and efficient, secure infrastructure.

4ServiceFabric™: Seamless connectivity

Enhance network performance and security across your infrastructure with ServiceFabric™, offering robust management and efficient resource optimisation.

5Interconnection: Global access simplified

Connect disparate work environments with our Interconnection family, ensuring secure, high-speed, and flexible connectivity for distributed teams and critical applications.

Everywhere is your office with PlatformDIGITAL® and PDx®

Transform your hybrid work landscape with PlatformDIGITAL® and our proven methodology, integrating secure, scalable network solutions for unparalleled connectivity and compliance.

Optimising your network is crucial for enhanced performance, reduced latency, and secure, scalable growth.

Deploy network-optimised infrastructure using our colocation solutions to overcome challenges of legacy systems and unpredictable scaling. This approach secures direct access to public and private infrastructures, ensuring high reliability and user experience. Our secure facilities also deliver direct access to major network and cloud providers.

Consolidate data from merged companies securely with colocation, balancing public cloud benefits with private management's assurance.

Our solution offers a single network topology, high-speed connectivity, 24/7 security, and access to major cloud providers, ensuring efficient integration, enhanced decision-making, and stringent compliance. Optimise insights and control over data security in a scalable infrastructure designed for growth.

Protect critical data from unauthorised access with Data Loss Protection (DLP) deployed within Digital Realty.

PlatformDIGITAL® ensures secure, private connectivity, enabling effective DLP strategies across your entire organisation. Our colocation facilities and zero trust environments bolster data security policies, ensuring regulatory compliance. With access to multiple data centres and network redundancy, we support your need for high-speed, reliable connectivity, and offsite private storage and compute capabilities.

Strengthen your security posture by deploying your Identity & Access Management (IAM) solutions in our data centres.

Our secure private connectivity and cloud-adjacent colocation minimise latency and maximise performance, facilitating IAM solutions. Our scalable footprint supports your growth, allowing you to maintain strict compliance and security.

Elevate your network architecture by deploying SDN/SASE solutions in our data centres. Our cost-efficient orchestration and secure connectivity are purposely designed to optimise SD-WAN networking.

Our deployment ensures reduced latency with cloud-adjacent colocation and enhanced performance across your network. Address the complexities of integrating SD-WAN with legacy systems and manage global orchestration challenges effectively, all while ensuring data confidentiality and compliance across your enterprise.

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