Power Based Buildings

Powered Base Buildings®

Powered Shells

Data centre power shells, or Powered Base Buildings®, provide you with a fit-out-ready data centre building on power and fibre-provisioned sites. Buildings are ready for your specific improvements for operating in less time and at a reduced cost.

Harness Flexibility and Resiliency

  • Convenience of move-in ready shell, with complete power infrastructure and network resiliencies and redundancies already in place, ready for you to customize to meet your specific needs
  • Leveraging our PBB product gives you the ability to deploy more quickly and efficiently than if you build on your own
  • PBB offers the ease of expansion as your company continues to grow and your data centre needs change
  • Reduce your initial capital data centre investment by leveraging our power and network infrastructure that is already in place to expand your digital capabilities
  • Stability and Resiliency: 11 straight years of Five Nines (99.999%) Uptime across our global portfolio


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Leader in Sustainability

Digital Realty was named 2018 Green Lease Leader by the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) and the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Better Buildings Alliance.

Not only are we built to LEED/BREEAM standards, but our Green Leases create structures that align the costs and benefits of efficiency investments between building owners and tenants.

Leader in Sustainability
  • Renewable Energy - 100% Wind Power for U.S. Colo Retail
  • Energy Efficiency - Achieved 20% Energy Efficiency DOE Target Goal
  • Leader in Green Building - More Certified Green Buildings than any other Provider
  • Executed First Green Bond - $493 million net allocated to 9 sustainable projects in 4 countries

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