44480 Hastings Drive

Discover one of the most efficient and cost-effective data centres in the world, built from the ground up to deliver maximum power and reliability. 44480 Hastings Drive is sited on 17 acres of our Ashburn Corporate Centre campus in Loudoun County, a Virginia area known as Data Centre Alley.

With 20 independently backed up computer rooms and 36.4 megawatts of critical power capacity, 44480 Hastings Drive offers a density of 207 watts per square foot and takes advantage of eco-friendly reclaimed water for advanced evaporative chilling.

Nearby mass transit makes Ashburn easily accessible to the world and your team. Proximity to the nation's capital keeps your business connected to industry associations, policymakers, potential corporate allies and a deep pool of technical talent.

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Facility Specs

  • 1 story
Utility Power Capacity
  • 34,500 kW
Total Building Size
  • 348,000 ft²
Flood Risk
  • Outside 500 year flood plain
Seismic Rating
  • 2A
UPS Power Capacity (kW)
  • 5,000
UPS Redundancy
  • 2N
Max. Power Density
  • Can support high density deployments
Generator Power Capacity (kW)
  • 10,000 kW
Cooling Plant Redundancy
  • N+1 or greater
Roof Construction
  • 50% BUR membrane over insulated metal deck and 50% EPDM over insulated metal deck divided by parapet
Max. Floor Loading (lbs./sqft.)
  • 250 ft²
Security Infrastructure
  • Biometric / Card Access
  • CCTV
  • CCTV
Compliance Certifications
  • SOC1
  • PCI-DSS planned 1Q2020
  • ISO 27001
Sustainability Certifications
  • Energy Star
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