Amazon Web Services

About AWS Direct Connect

Leveraging the Amazon Web Services “AWS” Direct Connect service Digital Realty customers can now connect directly to Amazon Web Services via a single cross connect from our data center facility.

Digital Realty customers using the AWS Direct Connect service can connect their infrastructure within the data center directly into the AWS cloud to access the numerous public and private compute services offered there. Subscribers may access service in a flexible array of speeds so you can soar to new heights with improved performance, security and throughput. With AWS Direct Connect through Digital Realty, customers bypass traditional IP connections while ensuring a low latency, highly resilient always on connection to the Amazon Web Services cloud.

Hybrid cloud configurations are now made simple by accessing the AWS Portal where services can be spun up or turned down as needed to support your business. Our fully managed connection to the AWS cloud offers access on a single invoice and, with the backing of the managed Digital Realty platform, high performance as well as uptime assurance.

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How do I know if Amazon Web Services are right for me?

Just as there are myriad types of customers, technology use cases differ from business to business. Below you will find examples of how real customers use these service-based technologies in a Digital Realty setting:

  1. A customer in a Digital Realty data centre facility in New York is developing a new application for deployment within their organisation. During the development phase the customer needs to manage costs until the new application has been tested and approved for wide spread usage. Using the Digital Realty AWS Direct Connect service the customer can access elastic compute services in the cloud during development and testing without having to incur the expense of purchasing and installing new infrastructure needed during the development process.
  2. A customer in a Digital Realty San Francisco area data centre has the need to regularly transfer large data sets to and from their network. Rather than turn up additional bandwidth over a traditional IP connexion the customer uses the AWS Direct connect service through Digital Realty to bypass their IP connexion and satisfy their Big Data needs directly into and out of the AWS Cloud.

How could these services benefit me?

For a monthly fee, you can connect your business to more efficiently utilise existing infrastructure while elastically expanding services as your business needs change.

Reduce Bandwidth costs

  • Consistency in Performance with lower I/O and API latencies
  • Provides direct connectivity between your LAN and the AWS service and simple IP schemas
  • Access to the full suite of Amazon compute services including; Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic Cloud Compute (Amazon EC2), Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) and Relational Database Service (RDS)
  • East and West coast availability provides redundant access options for disaster recovery
  • Multiple connexion regions allow you to build applications closer to your end users.