Hero esg report 2019

Clean Energy

Meeting the Renewable Energy Needs of our Customers

Many of our customers seek to power their data centres with renewable energy from resources such as hydro, wind, solar and biomass. We work with utility companies, project developers, and energy producers to create solutions that meet the clean energy objectives of our clients.

Our fuel mix continues to incorporate carbon-free and renewable resources supplied by wind, solar, and hydro facilities. Both our Colocation Business and our European portfolio are now 100% renewable. The U.S. EPA has recognized our efforts on this front, listing Digital Realty as one of the top 100 largest buyers of renewable energy on their national Top 100 list. Our renewable energy procurement includes 556 MW of new solar and wind power under contract and 528 kW of onsite solar installations.

Additional information about our efforts can be found in our ESG report.

Hero Clean Energy
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