Hero Energy Conservation

Resource Conservation

Reducing Environmental Impact

Data centres consume significant amounts of energy and water. We actively monitor and manage energy and water consumption and implement energy conservation measures. Our resource conservation efforts include:

  • Auditing existing facilities for operational enhancements
  • Making low and no cost upgrades
  • Investing in capital projects that generate substantial energy, water and cost savings and pursuing available utility incentives

Energy Conservation

Energy-efficient data centres have a lesser impact on the environment and cost less to operate. We address the performance of our data centre portfolio by investing in our operating facilities to improve efficiency and reduce resource consumption, and in turn deliver cost savings to our customers.

Digital Realty seeks to continually enhance energy efficiency, improve PUE, and deliver a lower total cost of ownership. We utilise ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 50001 Environmental Management System frameworks to structure our activities, support legislative and regulatory compliance, and reduce emissions and carbon footprint. We benchmark and certify our portfolio properties in accordance with third-party verified energy efficiency frameworks including ENERGY STAR and NABERS certifications.

Waste and Water Conservation

We consider water availability, cost and alternate supply solutions to potable water such as municipally supplied reclaimed water where available. Similarly, we assess are waste generation and divert waste where possible. We stand upon our past success of delivering tangible, recorded water conservation results whilst looking to the future to continue to work to protect and conserve our planet's limited water resources. Our Global Water Strategy addresses the strategic role that water plays in Digital Realty's operations, identifies regions where water quality and scarcity pose risk to the reliable operation of our data centres, and creates a pipeline of projects and opportunities to advance Digital Realty's position with respect to water conservation, resiliency, and redundancy in our operations.

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Data Centres

  • Have lesser impact on the environment by requiring fewer construction materials to construct while delivering industry-leading PUE

  • Utilise highly energy-efficient cooling systems that eliminate the use of water for cooling

  • Deliver increased asset value and lower operating costs

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    Meeting Better Buildings Challenge

    Meeting the Better Buildings Challenge

    In 2014, Digital Realty became one of the first data centre providers to participate in the Better Buildings Challenge, a U.S. Department of Energy initiative to reduce power consumption. Our goal was to make our buildings 20 percent more energy efficient by 2024 (against a 2013 baseline). By the end of 2016 we had achieved that target, several years ahead of schedule.

    Today, we continue strengthening our commitment to energy conservation and expect to see continued progress across our portfolio as we expand our goals.

    Track our Progress

    Digital Realty is the first data centre REIT to become an ENERGY STAR Partner, supporting our commitment to measure and improve the energy efficiency of our data centres.

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