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Securing Customer Data from Climate Change Impacts

We seek to address financial implications of climate change to our business at the site level through planning and preparedness, at the enterprise level through robust enterprise risk management and strategic planning, and at a societal level by supporting pathways to a low carbon future.

Additional information about our efforts can be found in our ESG report.

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Climate Change Resilience

When extreme weather or other climate events occur, we make it a priority to ensure our data centres remain operational. As such, our data centres remained operational through extreme storms including Hurricane Harvey, Superstorm Sandy and the Nor'easter that followed. Our focus on resilience, from acquisitions through operations, reflects this commitment, and our track record of uptime shows why Digital Realty is a trusted foundation to the modern world.

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Security Data Protection


Privacy, security and confidentiality are fundamental to how Digital Realty ensures the resilience of its business. Digital Realty meets the challenging security requirements of more than 2,300 public and private enterprises with comprehensive array of security tools, systems and best practices.

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FIBERTOWN Stays Online Throughout Hurricane Harvey

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    At FIBERTOWN, we understand mission critical. Many of our customers simply cannot go down. It just can't happen. Period. Our position on Digital's Connected Campus gives us confidence in the resilience of our Houston Data Centre.

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