Continuing to Contribute to the Green Data Centre Market

August 23, 2017
Aaron Binkley, Director, Sustainability

Traditionally, the data centre industry has been one of the biggest consumers of energy. At Digital Realty one of our big goals is changing that perception as well as the reality associated with it, by focusing increased effort on our sustainability initiatives. By publicizing our efforts we hope we can also push the rest of the industry to take energy savings just as seriously as we do.

In a recent Voices of the Industry column for Data Centre Frontier, I wrote about Digital Realty's sustainability initiatives, our impact so far, and the growth of the "green" data centre market in general. We are proud of what we have accomplished thus far, but even more excited for what we can achieve going forward.

Some of our primary sustainability initiatives include the use of sustainable buildings, increased use of green power (especially wind energy), and significant water savings within our data centres.

There is no question that the work done by data centre facilities requires a lot of energy to accomplish. At Digital Realty, we aim to show that data centre operators can make sustainable practices a priority without sacrificing performance. We want to show customers and competitors that sustainability not only gives us a better tomorrow, but can create competitive advantages today.

Learn more about Digital Realty's sustainability initiatives as well as the "green" data centre market in general by reading the Data Centre Frontier piece in its entirety.

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