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Digital Infrastructure Investor Interviews CEO Bill Stein

January 7, 2021

The transition from 2020 to 2021 has many businesses and enterprises evaluating where to go next. Digital Realty not only spent 2020 helping customers weather the challenges of the pandemic, digital transformation and Data Gravity, but it also expanded its capabilities to help enterprises on a global scale.

With this momentum, coupled with the release of the Data Gravity Index, Jennifer Fritzsche of Digital Infrastructure Investor interviewed CEO Bill Stein to dive deeper into what happened in 2020 and planning for the year ahead.

You’ll hear Bill discuss:

  • Supporting customers in scaling digital business and responding to the explosive growth of data
  • Understanding Data Gravity as a macro-trend impacting digital transformation and shaping the future of infrastructure
  • Continuing geographic expansion, growth in colocation and hyperscale
  • Enabling + driving the next wave of digital transformation

If you would like to click ahead or back to a different part of the interview, you can click on the time bar seen below the title in the audio player.

Below is a breakdown of the conversation.

1:30 What is the Data Gravity Index and what did the research reveal?

3:49 How do customers adopt to digital transformation (architecture, platform and roadmap)?

5:46 What has Digital Realty done to help the global community during the pandemic?

7:24 With 69% of companies using it, how is Hybrid Cloud evolving right now?

8:52 How do you see hyperscale growing in 2021?

10:25 When it comes to cross connect, how important is low latency to your customers?

11:20 Has COVID-19 pushed more enterprises to work with third-party data centers?

13:32 Even with all of Digital Realty’s global mergers/acquisitions/new logos, are there any remaining areas where you want to further this mix of assets?

13:40 Can you talk more about the experience following the merger with Interxion?

15:14 What aspects of dynamic growth opportunities are you most excited about right now?

16:04 What are your top three priorities for 2021?

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