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AWS Direct Connect

Adding Value to Your AWS Services

Unleash the power and control of hybrid cloud solutions by connecting to AWS on Digital Realty's industry-leading global platform.

Enterprises are taking advantage of powerful new hybrid cloud solutions by connecting to AWS across Digital Realty's global interconnection platform. Leverage true cloud flexibility and innovation with scalable, high-performance AWS Direct Connect that delivers several benefits:

  • Instant access to a growing list of powerful AWS services like Blockchain, Machine Learning, IoT and countless others – all over a direct, private connection that’s optimized for high performance and security.
  • Rapid scale and the ability to take advantage of processing, analytics and data management at the digital edge
  • Predictable performance and a globally consistent user experience
  • Cost savings when compared to internet-based connections
  • Improved control over critical IT resources by moving private workloads closer to partners, customers and cloud services via Digital Realty's Service Exchange

AWS Direct Connect + Interconnection Services from Digital Realty = A Powerful Combination

AWS Direct Connect Availability

Access AWS Cloud Services either directly from Digital Realty facilities, or via Service Exchange, which enables virtual connections to AWS Cloud Regions around the globe.

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North America

  • Atlanta (Direct, Virtual)
  • Boston (Virtual)
  • Chicago (Virtual)
  • Dallas (Virtual)
  • Houston (Virtual)
  • Los Angeles (Direct, Virtual)
  • Miami (Virtual)
  • New York (Direct, Virtual)
  • Northern Virginia (Direct, Virtual)
  • Phoenix (Virtual)
  • Portland (Virtual)
  • San Francisco (Direct, Virtual)
  • Seattle (Direct)
  • Silicon Valley (Direct, Virtual)
  • Toronto (Virtual)
  • Fortaleza (Virtual)
  • Rio de Janeiro (Virtual)
  • Sao Paulo (Virtual)
  • Santiago (Virtual)

South America

  • Fortaleza (Virtual)
  • Rio de Janeiro (Virtual)
  • Sao Paulo (Virtual)
  • Santiago (Virtual)


  • Amsterdam (Digital, Virtual)
  • Brussels (Virtual)
  • Copenhagen (Direct, Virtual)
  • Dublin (Direct, Virtual)
  • Dusseldorf (Virtual)
  • Frankfurt (Direct, Virtual)
  • London (Direct, Virtual)
  • Madrid (Direct, Virtual)
  • Marseille (Direct, Virtual)
  • Paris (Direct, Virtual)
  • Stockholm (Direct, Virtual)
  • Vienna (Direct, Virtual)
  • Zurich (Direct, Virtual)
  • Hong Kong (Virtual)
  • Osaka (Virtual)
  • Singapore (Virtual)


  • Hong Kong (Virtual)
  • Osaka (Virtual)
  • Singapore (Virtual)
Multi Cloud Access

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