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Metro Connect

Metro Connect

Expand Beyond Your Data Centre

Metro Connect offers point-to-point connectivity between facilities within the same metro area, giving you the ability to link multiple deployments and reach additional provider ecosystems outside the walls of your primary data centre. You can access all the interconnection available in your metro, not just one data centre.

  • Digital Realty’s metro networks are deployed with diverse paths for full redundancy and reliability
  • A variety of bandwidth offerings ensures flexibility and efficiency
  • Connectivity to expanded ecosystems and a full range of service providers

Benefits of Metro Connect

  • Reach provider ecosystems beyond your primary data centre

  • Scale your data centre footprint and establish connectivity between your deployments

  • Expand your data centre option without compromising your cloud and network connectivity needs by choosing facilities connected to premium Internet Gateways

  • One-stop shop for tiered data centre architecture supporting multiple facets of your infrastructure connected together

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    Point-to-Point Connectivity

    Metro Connect provides a point-to-point connectivity service between two facilities within the same metro area.   The service may be provided by either Layer 1 or Layer 2 technologies. A variety of protection and diversity options are available through our expansive fibre metro networks.


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