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Fortaleza Data Centre Solutions

1 Data Centres in Fortaleza
  • Primary South American access point for undersea capacity serving the US
  • Uptime Institute Tier III design
  • Proprietary fibre network connectivity available

Rua Quatorze, 1161

Fortaleza, 61921-430
  • Utility Power Capacity: 12,000 kW
  • Total Building Size: 90,000 ft²
  • UPS Redundancy: N+1, 2N
  • Cooling Plant Redundancy: N+1

Fortaleza is a city brimming with beautiful beaches, food and culture. However, the city's unique geographical location, that has made it one of the most sought out spots in Brazil for tourists, has also positioned Fortaleza to become the main entrance and exit point for international organisation looking to enter Brazil, connecting the country to the world.

Joining São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro as one of Brazil's technology, finance, and population hubs, Fortaleza offers organizations a constantly evolving economy. Which is emblematic of the region. In recent years, rapid growth in the city's industrial space has driven demand for political policies and a growing financial and business service sector. Which has led to the tertiary sector over taking the industrial sector as the to the main economic driver for Fortaleza.

As Fortaleza has become a more connected and mobile city, the creation of jobs has also brought new and diverse opportunities to the region, such as schools, cultural centers and shopping. Which has also brought artists, writers, painters and singers to the city, stimulating the region's cultural growth.

The city's economic and cultural development, and unique location have not gone unnoticed by domestic and international organizations alike, as more organizations call Fortaleza home each year. Which is demonstrated by the success of organizations such as Ascenty, a leading data centre provider in the region. That strategically chose Fortaleza as the location of one of its state-of-the-art data centres.

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