New York City Data Centres and Colocation

Global Wealth Management and Connectivity-Rich Hub

Manhattan Island is home to Wall Street, NASDAQ and the epicentre of global wealth management in the second largest city economy in the world. Our three data centre facilities are strategically located across New York City and directly connected to each other, to create a platform we refer to as "The NYC Trifecta."

New York City continues to dominate the world stage in both economy and business. To its credit, the city has invested heavily in the technology sector. In fact, in 2012, more than 100 NYC-based tech firms sold for $8.3 billion. While the financial markets are still king, tech startups and technology giants alike are quickly taking their place in this high-profile, world-class city.

Not only are our three NYC facilities positioned to meet the growing demand for space, power and connectivity for today's businesses, but they bring an entirely new perspective to the New York data centre and colocation market. With direct connections between all of these sites - connectivity is seamless - so, small, medium, or enterprise businesses receive access to the same feature-rich applications and connectivity-rich platforms regardless of location. With low latency and superior redundancy, our "NYC Trifecta" is a proven solution for your data centre and colocation needs.

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