City by the Bay

We have data centres strategically located in San Francisco, a key connectivity hub for Silicon Valley. As a standalone country, San Francisco's $535 billion economy would rank 19th in the world.

According to the San Francisco Centre for Economic Development, worker productivity in the Bay area is double the national average, producing more patents than anywhere else in the country, and attracting 36 percent of the nation's total venture capital investment in dollars.

Nearly 1,900 tech companies are located here, representing 45,493 jobs. A September 2013 report published by Bloomberg Technology Summit found that the city of San Francisco led the nation in tech job growth for the past five years rising 51.8 percent from 2007 to 2012. Jobs continue to be plentiful, in spite of the region's reputation for existing in a bubble of boom and bust, and according to more growth is expected even though it has levelled off from 2015.

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