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Santiago Data Centre Solutions

2 Data Centres in Santiago
  • Industrial and financial centre of Chile
  • Private electrical substation
  • Uptime Institute Tier III design
  • Direct connection to Chile IX

Guacolda 2100, Quilicura, Renca

    For further information on these properties, see detail page.

Amsterdam Data Centres and Colocation

High Connectivity, Intelligently Designed Infrastructure

As the startup capital of Europe's west Coast, Amsterdam is home to numerous startups, incubators, accelerators, universities and tech partners, creating a strong tech ecosystem for the region and attracting a talented engineering pool. It has also become a desirable data centre location for international network connectivity, attracting cloud providers, media firms and network operators.

Amsterdam is well positioned to be one of the top three innovative regions in Europe by 2025, according to the Amsterdam Economic Board. Among its goals for 2025, are: Digital Connectivity: To be the top place in Europe for data-driven innovation, and Jobs of the Future: To be the most adaptive and attractive environment for jobs in Europe.

The Netherlands, being a small country, continues to be a big player in the world’s trade and global transfer of capital, due to its political and economic stability.

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