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Tokyo Data Centre Solutions

2 Data Centres in Tokyo

Tokyo Metro Brief >

  • MC Digital Realty: 50/50 joint venture with Mitsubishi Corporation, combining both of our portfolios
  • Latest seismic base isolation system
  • High energy efficiency with 1.22 PUE
  • Metro Connect Service available to connect easily to the carriers of your choice

Digital Tokyo 1

Inzai-city, Chiba-prefecture,
  • Utility Power Capacity: 38,000 kW
  • Total Building Size: 37,850 m²
  • UPS Redundancy: N+1 Distributed Redundant
  • Cooling Plant Redundancy: N+1 Distributed Redundant

MCC Mitaka

Mitaka-shi, 181-0013
  • Utility Power Capacity: 12 MW
  • Total Building Size: 39,954 m²
  • UPS Redundancy: N+1
  • Cooling Plant Redundancy: N+2

A Thriving Financial, Commerce and Colocation Hub

Now, with the launch of MC Digital Realty, a joint venture with Mitsubishi Corporation, we are pleased that our footprint in APAC has grown again, and our ability to serve our customers has taken another leap forward. Combining the two companies' portfolios in Tokyo and Osaka, the two most important data centre markets in Japan, MC Digital Realty will aim to serve the increasing number of Japanese companies that are migrating their digital assets from on-premises data centres to third party cloud providers.

This 50/50 partnership will leverage Digital Realty's expertise in data centre design, construction, and operation, and Mitsubishi's expertise in the Japanese real estate and IT industries. MC Digital Realty's facilities will provide data centre space, power, and interconnection services to a wide range of Japan's well-established, thriving companies.

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