Harness a Global Ecosystem

The changing digital economy is placing new demands on your business and your customers. Harness the power of our densely-interconnected ecosystem of customers, partners and networks to expand your digital capabilities faster and easier.


Digital Realty offers secure, compliant and reliable data centres and connectivity in prime locations, enabling ultra-low latency access to a global ecosystem.

Our SOC 2, SOC 3 and PCI compliant (NJR2 and NJR3) facilities provide the assurance that you have the right controls, processes and procedures in place to meet the full range of market requirements.


Digital Realty's compliant data centres ensure you are capable of protecting your data and internal information in a secure and protected environment.

With privacy protection a key consideration in healthcare, our facilities will represent a distinct advantage for any player in these industries.


Leverage a powerful provider of colocation and network services to quickly scale your cloud offering and meet the demands that digital transformation places on your customers.

Get immediate access to the right-designed new capacity when and where you need it.


Deliver optimal customer experience and enable broader customer solution sets with access to global networks and clouds.

Enable accelerated business growth by connecting to Internet backbones, transport networks, cloud connectivity and network partners.

Digital Media

Scale end-user-experience demands and enable improved content distribution with access to 1600+ networks enabling digital business at the edge.

Directly and securely interconnect clouds, networks, ecosystems and data at the edge, in close proximity to the customers that drive your business.


Robust and flexible connectivity options across key global markets enable you to deploy in close proximity to your customers and deliver an optimal customer experience.

Our resilient, high-performance environment, with a record of 11 years of five nines (99.999%) uptime, enables you to meet any and all of their evolving customer demands.


Leverage a network of 210+ strategically located data centres across 5 continents to stay closer to your users, delivering the highest quality online gaming experience.

With nearly half of the gaming community located in Asia-Pacific, you can leverage our 12 state-of-the-art data centres located in all the key data hubs across this fast moving region.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Digital Realty offers a global datacenter platform designed to solve AI's global coverage, capacity, and ecosystem connectivity needs.

Along with data centres that withstand complex cooling demands and grow as computational power increases, Digital Realty helps IT tackle the heaviest power management demands of high-density workloads.

Case Study

Case Study Highlights

  • Delivered one business interface for ease of doing business, a global, carrier-neutral colocation solution
  • Provided high-speed 100 GB private lines to handle multiple services to and from key locations
  • SD-WAN connectivity options
  • Eliminated “single point of failure” network architecture

AT&T and Digital Realty have partnered with us to design, build and deploy an enhanced global network backbone that will improve our business agility and service to our customers now and in the future. Without the expertise of each company, we'd be hard pressed to upgrade our infrastructure at this scale or at this speed.

CTO, Multinational Banking and Financial Services Corporation

Interconnected communities

How can you enable digital innovation through interconnected communities and colocation?

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