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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Fundamentally Changing the Way Business Is Done

Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the centre of today's evolving digital economy. It's being used to change every industry-as well as the assumptions they're built on.

AI can help create efficiencies, driving profits and improving customer experience. New practical applications for AI are appearing every day, many of which increase data gravity barriers and require more from IT infrastructure design than ever before.

Help ensure that your IT team can support today's demands and tomorrow's innovation with AI-ready centers of data exchange. Digital Realty offers a global datacenter platform designed to solve AI's global coverage, capacity, and ecosystem connectivity needs. Along with data centres that withstand complex cooling demands and grow as computational power increases, Digital Realty helps IT tackle the heaviest power management demands of high-density workloads.

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Ensure Your AI Infrastructure Adds Value to Your Bottom Line

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