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Empowering Healthcare IT

Patients, providers and caregivers alike are calling for greater mobility in healthcare.

Advances in technology, big data and analytics are enabling healthcare providers to do more for their patients and employees. New technologies present new demands on infrastructure for data management, security and storage. And with global adoption for healthcare cloud services predicted to reach about $10 billion by 20201 and the average healthcare organisation already using 900+ different cloud-based services, healthcare organisations are looking for ways to make things simpler.2

To get the most value out of data and meet regulatory overload, healthcare IT teams need the ability to process in milliseconds so they can make decisions faster and take timely action.

As the most agile provider in the industry, we provide customers with the technology and expertise needed to solve some of their biggest IT challenges with secure, high-performance, interconnected data centre solutions that enable hybrid-cloud strategies which quickly extend digital capabilities.

Why Healthcare Organisations Choose Digital Realty

  • Secure, complaint data centres across 32+ global markets Access to all major cloud providers in the largest consumer markets globally

  • An industry leading record of reliability and uptime: 11 years of five nines (99.999%)

  • Secure, direct interconnection to support high-value applications with reduced latency ensuring an optimal user experience

  • Access to an interconnected ecosystem enabling consistent quality of service across an unparalleled global footprint

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    Heallth Care Module 1 broaden reach

    Broadening Your Reach

    Service your customers as closely as possible with the lowest latency achievable in our high-density data centres delivering robust and flexible connectivity options in key consumer markets.

    Ensure your customers enjoy high levels of reliability and performance from Digital Realty’s 205+ highly connected facilities with access to many content providers.

    Heallth Care Module 2 security

    Security and Data Protection

    Protect patient and hospital information with a secure environment in our SOC 2, SOC 3, HIPAA and PCI-compliant data centres across a significant global footprint.

    Considering how important privacy protection has become to patients your patients and your organisation our facilities will represent a distinct advantage for you.

    Heallth Care Module 3 reliance

    Ensure Resilience and Reliability

    Meet any and all of the evolving digital needs of your patients, providers and caregivers through our reliable, high-performance data centre environments.

    Digital Realty offers a portfolio of secure, protected and compliant data centre infrastructure and interconnectivity solutions with 11 years of 99.999% (five nines) uptime service level agreements that lead the industry in this category.

    Heallth Care Module 4 improve ux

    Improve User Experience

    Digital Realty's interconnection and colocation solutions enable healthcare organisations to extend their reach and deliver an optimal digital experience to their patients, providers and caregivers. Anytime. Anywhere.

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    2 Healthcare Data Centre Trends You Should Care About, Onramp 2018

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    Case Study

    • Case Study Highlights

      The interconnectivity is the important part. When you look at the massive amounts of data that we produce and the fact that 70 to 80 percent of it is going to leave this building and go to a collaborator site somewhere in the world, our tolerance for high latency, dropped packets, or issues with network traversal is very low.

      Peyton McNully, Technology Director HudsonAlpha

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