Harness Single-Point-of-Ownership

At Digital Realty, we focus on the foundational layer of our customers' overall IT infrastructure comprising the physical data centre service layer as well as ubiquitous and secure connectivity to an array of network and cloud service providers.

Enterprise IT organisations can solve more of the demands of their business through a more unified set of enabling technologies and infrastructure services.

Digital Realty Key Differentiators

  • Act as a Global Provider: Harness our Global Footprint with 210+ Data Centres across 5 continents, 14 countries and 35+ distinct global markets.
  • Ensure Resiliency: Highly diverse Connected Campus strategy offering highest levels of performance and flexible infrastructure.
  • Industry Trusted Partner: Safest partner for your mission-critical workloads with 1000+ Megawatts of UPS capacity.

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Positioned for Success

Our program provides the ability to address broader customer needs by enabling us to work with service providers who face similar market situations and want to either integrate or introduce our services into their solutions to deliver a more comprehensive value proposition.

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