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Seamlessly interconnect global workflows for direct access to multiple clouds and networks with Service Exchange.


Bringing companies and data together.

Connect with ease

To meet the demands of an always-on customer, your business must seamlessly and securely interconnect and integrate your global workflows.

Optimise performance and control

To support the exploding volume of data and highly interactive traffic behaviors of digital business workflows, you need enhanced performance and control.

Collaborate with confidence

In today's business landscape, secure business-to-business workflow collaboration is crucial to deliver on your strategies and stay ahead of the curve.

Simplify multi-cloud connectivity

Managing multiple cloud platforms and regions can be complex and time-consuming. Simplifying this means cost-savings, efficiency, and less stress. 

Service Exchange data sheet

Harmonise your digital worlds

Enhanced security

Service Exchange removes the public internet—and all its associated risks— from the connectivity equation altogether. 

Performance and control

Service Exchange delivers on-demand, direct access to multiple clouds and networks, optimising connectivity and reducing latency. 

Simplify and save

Service Exchange simplifies multi-cloud connectivity by leveraging one port with many virtual connections, resulting in cost-savings, efficiency, and ease of management. 

Stretch flexibility

Service Exchange empowers you to use only what you need when you need it without locking into static bandwidth at higher rates. 

Future proof your IT architecture

Service Exchange prepares your IT architecture for tomorrow with a secure, high-performance private interconnection service, enabling scalability and flexibility of public and multi-cloud deployments.


16 consecutive years of five nines uptime.  


Number of our facilities that offer Service Exchange. 


Global metros that offer Service Exchange. 


Service Exchange uses a global fabric of secure, private connections. It bypasses the public internet, ensuring fast and secure data exchange. 


Easily and securely connect to a wide range of cloud providers, partners, and customers, all through a Service Exchange’s single, centralized platform.


Service Exchange provides visibility and control over your interconnection traffic, allowing you to monitor performance and optimize your connectivity. 


Service Exchange is built for high performance, delivering low-latency, high-bandwidth connections on-demand. You scale quickly and easily. 


With flexible billing options, Service Exchange lets you easily adjust your connectivity as your business needs change, without long-term commitments or wasted resources. 


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