Data Hub

Data Hub

Optimise Data Exchange

Delivering insights quickly has become one of IT's greatest challenges. Large data sets across different architectures demand a modernized approach to storage and analysis. Improving performance and data compliance control whilst supporting exploding volume, variability and velocity of data requires a new IT Architecture.

  • Localized data aggregation, staging, analytics, streaming and management
  • Standardized data storage approach aligned with data protection requirements
  • Optimized real-time intelligence across the entire IT organisation

Digital Realty's solution allows IT organizations to deploy, connect and host critical data infrastructure in proximity to users, networks, clouds and beyond to scale digital business.

Key Benefits

  • Implement distributed data staging and data aggregation
  • Deploy regional data lakes and distributed data warehouses
  • Maintain compliance and sovereignty
  • Integrate public and private data sources
  • Distribute business intelligence
  • Connect global data ecosystems

Implement Data Hubs on PlatformDIGITAL™

  • Solve global coverage, capacity and connectivity needs
  • Tailored infrastructure deployments matched to business need
  • Operate deployments as a seamless extension of global infrastructure with consistent experience, security and resiliency


  • Secure colocation for security and telemetry footprint (expandable)
  • Private, direct interconnection to clouds, carriers and partners
  • Global access to operational environment via portal/APIs
  • Streamlined contracting vehicle for multi-site deployments
  • Cabinet installation and remote hands services
  • Industry Standard Compliance
  • Discounted Pricing for starter kit configuration

Availability Map

Data Hub Map
PD CTA Data Hub

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