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AT&T and Digital Realty Partner

Leading Financial Institution Re-Architects Its Global Network Infrastructure


AT&T partners with Digital Realty to help a major client renew and simplify their core network with a single global backbone.


  • Create major connectivity hubs on the customer’s network backbone
  • Eliminate “single point of failure” network architecture
  • Assure state-of-the-art physical and cybersecurity

Key Results:

  • With AT&T managing the partnership, the customer chose Digital Realty facilities in customer chose Digital Realty facilities in 3 out of 5 U.S. locations
  • High-speed, high-bandwidth customer infrastructure interfaces with data centre Meet-Me Rooms, POPs and cloud service providers
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AT&T and Digital Realty have partnered with us to design, build and deploy an enhanced global network backbone that will improve our business agility and service to our customers now and in the future. Without the expertise of each company, we'd be hard pressed to upgrade our infrastructure at this scale or at this speed.

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