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Downloadable eBook: Adventures in the Cloud World

Introducing Digital Realty’s first children's book – ‘Adventures in the Cloud World’ – offering a fun and accessible introduction to the world of data centers, designed specifically for the younger generation.

Aimed at children between the ages of six and 12, ‘Adventures in the Cloud World’ follows Bella and Nini’s adventures to Cloud World, where they seek to better understand the internet after their Wi-Fi turns off at home. In Cloud World, they meet JB, a programmable machine that processes information, who explains how data centers work and asks for their help in the server room to find loose connections.

adventures in cloud world

Bella and Nini may find the solution to this problem, but they’ll need your help! Interested in experiencing the magic? Download this book and read it to the children in your life.

"With this book, we want to teach young readers that it takes resources and people to maintain access to the Internet. By introducing children to the world of IT and data centres, we hope to get them curious and generate interest about a crucial sector. But above all, we want to raise awareness among children – and the people around them – about the world of data centres."

Melissa Scholten , ‘Adventures in the Cloud World’ creator and Senior Communications Manager at Digital Realty in the Netherlands.

"Having two young daughters has helped me to better understand the importance of working to inspire young girls to pursue science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers. There are plenty of children’s books about superheroes, musicians, and athletes, all of which inspire future generations. However, we want to inspire the next Grace Hopper, Marie Curie, and Annie Easley, and bridge the gap in those who continue to study STEM subjects beyond high school."

Andy Power , President & CEO of Digital Realty